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May 15 – 17 — “Natural Forms in Glass” – Robert Mickelsen

This class will be devoted to the sculptural representation of natural forms. We will cover plants, leaves, and flowers the first day, insects and spiders the second day, and birds and fish the third day. Focus...


May 1 – 3 — “Advanced Drinking Vessels” – Robert Mickelsen

This class will be devoted to the “other” kind of “functional” art that glass is commonly used for – drinking vessels. We will cover several different styles including shot glasses, beer mugs, win...


April 17 – 19 — “Scratching the Surface” — Robert Mickelsen

This class will be devoted to various ways of etching patterns and imagery onto the surface of glass, from carving with a hand-held rotary tool to complex resist sandblasting. Students will learn the use of com...


March 13 – 15 — “Art and Apparatus” with Steve Sizelove

                                    In this class, Steve will focus on adapting handwork to the lathe – a curricul...


February 14 – 16 — “Hollow Forms” – Robert Mickelsen

In late March we are bringing back for the fourth time our most popular curriculum – Hollow Forms – the art of organic sculpture out of a bubble of glass! More than any other class this one has prov...

Private Workshops!

Mickelsen Studios is offering private workshops by appointment only! Need technical help? Want to improve your hand skills? Interested in learning new techniques? Take a private workshop with Robert Mickelsen h...